Dedicated Phase I Unit with Extensive First-in-Human and BA/BE Study Experience

Our fully-equipped Phase I unit is an ideal solution for conducting both healthy volunteer and patient population trials. Our Phase I unit provides a comfortable and safe environment for study participants, who are monitored and supervised by our certified investigators and experienced study team. We offer successful Phase I experience across numerous therapeutic areas and experience in both First-in-Human and BA/BE studies.

Clinical Team Experience

With many of our PIs delivering over a decade of experience, CPI certification, and proven success in Phase I trials, our PIs are among the most qualified in the industry. All of our PIs are supported by established and highly experienced Phase I teams. These ACLS trained teams include nurses and paramedics with many years of experience performing multiple types of Phase I clinical trials.

Phase I Location

20 Bed Unit in DeLand, FL: Our DeLand Phase I unit is conveniently located just north of Orlando with on- site lab and diagnostic capabilities for supporting Phase I trials. The unit is next door to a major area hospital.

Capability to Expand into Adjacent Hospitals: Accel’s extensive and integrated relationships with adjacent hospitals allow us the ability to increase bed capacity for larger cohorts and high volume studies.

Therapeutic Areas

• Metabolic • Infectious Disease
• Gastroenterology • Musculoskeletal
• Endocrinology • Vaccines
• Cardiology • Healthy Adult
• Pulmonology • Healthy Elderly

Trial Types

• First-in-Human • PK/PD
• BA/BE • TQT Studies
• Drug Interaction • PFT Studies
• Food Effect • Microdosing
• Age and Gender Effect • SAD/MAD

Capabilities and Amenities

Routes of Administration: IV, IM, Subcutaneous Injections, Transdermal, Oral, Sublingual, Topical, Inhalant, Intranasal

Phase I Amenities for Study Participants: Single beds,wireless internet access, multiple entertainment options, outdoor patio, full-service catering, and on-site kitchen

Phase I Access: Restricted access with security monitoring to ensure subject safety and protocol compliance