New Enrollment Opportunities for Communities in Volusia County, FL & Birmingham, AL

Clinical research represents new hope for patients by advancing promising medicines that treat disease or improve quality of life. Without clinical trials, there would be no vaccines, or new medicines. Yet there is an urgent need for patients to participate in clinical trials.

Only 5% of patients participate in clinical trials, due to lack of awareness and misconceptions about the research process.

According to consumer research conducted by the Center for Information and Study of Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP), a patient’s physician is the most likely route for a patient to consider clinical trial participation. Findings revealed 62% of patients consider their doctor as the top preferred source for finding a clinical trial. 83% of patients consider their physician’s recommendation a top factor influencing their decision to participate.

Accel Research Sites offer clinical trial studies at three locations in Florida and Alabama, and in local physicians’ practices. In an effort to bring more research into the community it serves, Accel has partnered with additional physicians to offer research studies within their own medical facilities.

At these facilities, Accel’s clinical staff will provide oversight and guidance to conduct clinical trials according to regulatory standards and protocol criteria. In addition, Accel handles all study regulatory, documentation and quality assurance activities. The attending physician serves as the principle investigator, and provides access to patient who meet eligibility criteria and are interested in taking part in a clinical trial.

“We are committed to expanding to clinical trial participation to our community in new and innovative ways. Accel’s goal is to support community physicians through the research process, while offering more study opportunities to more patients,” said Carlos Orantes, Chief Executive Officer of Accel Research Sites. “We ensure protocol and regulatory compliance for every study that is conducted at these facilities, allowing these physicians to focus on patient care.”